• About School Aid South Africa

    School Aid is a UK and RSA based charity that distributes educational and extracurricular resources to developing countries.

    In South Africa we work with township schools to identify priority needs which we seek to meet with regular shipments of materials and equipment from the UK. Along with this basic service we also support schools in other ways.

    Some of the other services we offer are: providing converted containers as libraries, science labs and extra classrooms; facilitating use of funds raided by UK partner schools; supporting read-a-thons, school trips and other events; delivering and helping to set up libraries at schools; volunteering at schools with reading programmes; organising career/motivational talks by relevant professionals.


    • Refurbishing Cosmo City Primary1 School Library

      July, 2015
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      The Bookery and School Aid joint project of refurbishing Cosmo City Primary1 School Library is already well underway. MORE

    • Diepsloot Combined School Library Donations

      Jun, 2015
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      Edu Fun, Rotary & School Aid donated a computer & printer to Diepsloot Combined School Library. MORE

    • Ithemba Study Centre school library

      April, 2015
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      What does one do during an Easter School Holiday? If you are Ithemba Study Centre, Yeoville you build your school library. MORE

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