Ithemba Study Centre school library

What does one do during an Easter School Holiday? If you are Ithemba Study Centre, Yeoville you build your school library. There is no electricity in the building so first the generator is needed. The store room is cleared out. The walls and ceiling are painted and the shelving is installed. All the books are laid out across the hall floor. The Reading Schemes are sorted and graded. Fiction is sorted into alphabetical order - first letter of the surname. The non-fiction books are catalogued by subject and the reference books are in order. After many many hours of work by Asande Manjoro, Tinotenda Chinajengo, Tannoh Prince Charles, Richad, one of the boys from the nearby Twilight street boys shelter, Teddy who ran out and bought us food and drinks so we could keep going, along with Mike and Patti, we have a library for the junior children, Grades R - 4. We have learnt a great deal about how to build a library. The senior pupils library will be tackled next week.

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